Manchester United softest? Brutal measure the remaining program 20 Premier League teams

30 May

Manchester United seems to have the lowest remaining program. If viewed from the rival team ranking, while Crystal Palace has the most brutal kicking games

The 2019/20 Premier League football season will resume on Wednesday, June 17, with two matches left over: Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United and Manchester City versus Arsenal. 

All 4 of the teams kicked 28 fewer matches than the other teams, resulting in the end of the game on Wednesday 17 June, making every team equal in 29 matches, then continue playing on Friday. On June 19 and immediately over the weekend

From the remaining games, it seems that Manchester United will have the easiest program to consider from their rivals. "Red Devils" will find Spurs (# 8), Sheffield United (7), Brighton (15), Bournemouth (18), Aston Villa (19), Southampton (14), Crystal Palace (11), West Ham (16) and Leicester (3). The average position is 12.33.

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